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Cranes are our Business

Official agent for SOIMA Cranes in Ireland, UK, Denmark, Norway & Sweden

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SOIMA Tower Cranes

Designed to meet the growing demand for bigger, heavier and sophisticated cranes, due to its modern technology and design. Lifting capacity ranges from 2.5 tons and 30 tons, jibs from 30 to 80m and maximum heights are requested by the customer.

SOIMA Self Erecting

Popular for small and medium sized projects, and it is easy to transport, erect and dismantle. These cranes range in heights between 19m up to 32m and jib length is between 25 and up to 40m and max. Loads starting from 2 tons up to 5 tons.

Luffing Tower Cranes

It's common to have limited space and clearance when working with a tower crane in an urban metro area and downtown work sites. A luffing tower crane is ideal for building projects where there's not much space on either side of the site and you need to work safely. A luffing crane is able to raise or lower its jib, and that allows it to reduce the slewing radius.


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